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Tripetto is a full-fledged form kit

Its graphical builder covers powerful form/survey creation – either stand-alone or as a brandable seamlessly integrated solution. It works in any modern browser; with mouse, touch or pen. The supplementary runner library handles form execution and response collection in any website or application. The UI is truly yours to rock. Also, you can extend both builder and runner with custom building blocks (e.g. question types).

There’s multiple ways you can put Tripetto to work for you.

  • For stand-alone form creation and deployment in websites and apps;
  • Tightly integrated into your own project;
  • For powerful survey creation (stand-alone or integrated);
  • With custom extensions.

🎉 Version 1.0.0 of Tripetto form kit is out. Check our release notes.

Not in the mood for reading? Try our code examples right away. We have examples for React, Angular, Material-UI, Angular Material, conversational UI/UX and more.

# Just open your terminal or command prompt

# Install the Tripetto builder
$ npm i tripetto -g

# Start editing a form
$ tripetto form.json

Demos   Edit

Try the demo Get the code

Screen recording - Showcase

Or try some other demos:

Concepts   Edit


Showing you the flow

You use the graphical builder to create and edit smart forms with logic and conditional flows in 2D on a self-organizing drawing board. The builder can run as a stand-alone CLI tool or be tightly integrated into your project. It works in any modern browser and with mouse, touch or pen. The complete structure of a form is stored in a JSON format; the form definition.

Builder guide


Making your forms fly

You use the supplementary runner library to handily deploy smart forms in websites and applications. It turns a form definition into an executable program; a finite state machine that handles all the complex logic and response collection during the execution of the form. Apply any UI framework you like. Or pick from the out-of-the-box implementations for React, Angular, Material-UI, Angular Material and more.

Runner guide


Taking hardcore charge

You decide which form building blocks (e.g. question types) you want to use in the builder and runner. We offer a default set to choose from, but you can also develop your own.

Blocks guide

Use cases   Edit

Stand-alone form creation and deployment

Install and run the builder locally to instantly create and edit powerful forms. Handily deploy these in any website or application with our supplementary form deployment library (i.e. the runner). We also offer ready-to-go implementations for React, Angular, Material-UI, Angular Material and more.

Integrated into your project

Seamlessly integrate the builder into your software and unlock its powerful UI and capabilities as part of your own application. Decide for yourself how and where you want to run the created forms and store response. And while you’re at it, why not tweak the visuals to match your brand?

Survey creation

Tripetto is also a fierce survey tool with advanced logic and conditional flow functionalities, making it your designated (stand-alone or integrated) solution for building highly responsive and conversational surveys.

Custom extensions

You can extend Tripetto with your own building blocks. We supply documentation, code samples and a boilerplate to develop blocks from scratch.